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Environment Friendly Children’s Colouring Books

Baby Bliss Publishers is a subdivision of this organization and they focus on designing and developing children’s colouring books. These books are manufactured and printed on wood free,  recycled and recyclable paper using  non toxic, vegetable oil based ink.
Currently there are three types of colouring books published.

  1. ‘Save Our Planet’ series focuses on environment bases topics such as plant a tree, saving water, environment pollution, saving energy, recycling waste  and related topics helpful to educate little children.  Even though these topics are too complicated for a child, it has been designed and written in  the most simplest way thus not only does a child enjoy colouring them, they also learn to be good citizens of their country and live the environment friendly way. Some of the books available under the series are:-
  2. ‘My Day’ series focuses on how children could spend their day. The book explains each activity a kid can experience on an average day. Topics such as my day, a day at school, a day at the beach, a day at the zoo are some of the topics covered. These books too are printed on wood free paper using vegetable oil based ink, therefore they are non toxic and very safe for your children to use. Some of the books currently available are:-
  3. Activity Based Colouring Books
    Printed on wood free paper using vegetable oil  based ink, these colouring books contain simple activities that not only enables a child to think and work out simple puzzles but to also colour large pictures and learn to mix and match colour while they are colouring them. These activities books help expand their imagination and creative skills thus is a must for all children to have. Some of the books currently available are:-