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Diaries, Organizers and Corporate Printing
  1. Diaries and Organizers These are printed specially for the corporate sector. Here the content of it and the look and feel can be tailor-made as per the specifications given by the customer. Bliss International has printed them with innovative ideas thus the final products printed and distributed are not the same ‘me too’ products available in book stores but more of something interesting and different but user friendly thus attracting the user to not only keep using it but to also collect it as a souvenir. Some visuals of the samples we have are:-
  2. Other Corporate Collaterals This include printing all types of advertising and promotional material such as brochures, leaflets, danglers, posters etc… We are capable of printing any type of printable material, suitable for any organization. Our pricing structure is as such that we have solutions for any sort of budget. Some of our work are:-