1. Derana Music Video 2007 Grand Finale
The Sri Lankaís well known local TV channel Derana, organized a Best Music video award contest last year 2007. Over 200 artists submitted their music videos. The main object of this kind of award contest is to promote not only the artists but also the behind scene crew, in every spectacular music video. Itís also a great way to promot their videos.
You can just simply type MVA (space)(number of the track) and send it to 9900 from any other network. Tracks are followed by A hetha - 02 Mata sithanna be(06), Unamada dethol (09), Chanchala (14), Kalpana(35), Vaarayo(36) and Sara sadisi(38).
The winners will be announced in Derana Music Video Awards 2007 which will be on the 5th of April 2008 at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. We gladly invite all of our fans to this historycal making event for the first time in Sri Lanka.
2. Adambarai - Sureni ft Iraj & Killer B (Bingumal)
Iraj presents SHANI
3. IRAJ presents SHANI
Iraj's maldivian album will be released this month. (January 2008)
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4. A Hetha
New Video A Hetha ( Iraj ft Delon & Shani) has been released.
5. Oba Hinda (Kalpana)
New Video , Oba Hinda (Kalpana) has been released.
Latest Shows
6. Latest Shows Added:
Iraj Weeraratne and Ranidu Lankage will be playing at Long Beach, Los Angeles on Sept 1st 2007 and 22nd September in Korea.
Unmada Dethol
5. Scheduled Video Releases Updated:
Management has updated a list of New video release dates. This set of videos also includes 'Unmada Dethol' by Ranidu.

* Unmada Dethol by Ranidu Release - 21/07/2007
* Hituwakari Release Date - 01/11/2007
* Madesa Balannai by Nadini (Sirasa Super Star) Release - 15/10/2007
* Vaarayo Vennilavey (Remix) Release - 01/09/2007
* Oba Hinda (Kalpana) Release - 01/10/2007

Stay tuned and watch these videos first on
Iraj Show
7. Catch 'The Iraj Show' on
Now you can watch 'The Iraj Show' on If you miss the show on Derana, login to to watch the whole set up shows.
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