6.00 p.m. Arrival of Award Winners and Invitees

6.25 p.m. Arrival of Guest of Honour Mr. Chatarjee

6.30 p.m. Arrival of Chief Guest

6.40 p.m. Lighting of the Traditional the Oil Lamp

6.50 p.m. National Anthem

6.55 p.m. Opening act

7.00 p.m. Welcome address by Mr. Ranjeewa Kulatunga, Co Chairman, SIAS Partnership Summit

7.10 p.m. Opening Remarks by Mr. Raju Batia Co Chairman of SIAS Summit

7.25 p.m. Speech by Guest of Honour

7.45 p.m. Speech by Chief Guest

8.15 p.m. Presentation of Awards with entertainment

9.30 p.m. Vote of Thanks