It is said that the Ancient Greeks and Romans invented the original appetizers to begin the festivities of their lavish banquets. However, many of the great cuisines of the world have long incorporated ‘small bites’ into their fayre to both prolong the enjoyment of the meal and to encourage bonding between friends. Chinese dim sum directly translates as ‘touch the heart’ whilst Indians refer to samosas and fingerfood as ‘chat’. Appetizers are now internationally renowned as being the pleasant foretaste of the culinary delights to come.

The Pavilions Restaurant offers the following appetizers to whet appetites for the elaborate and sumptuous meal to follow.


Herb and balsamic marinated grilled vegetable tower layered with Mediterranean couscous and tomato coulis

Sesame crusted boiled lobster with orange balsamic dressing

Crispy bacon wrapped grilled seerfish with young leaf salad, accompanied by basil pesto and extra virgin olive oil

Antipasto platter with cuttlefish, smoked salmon, grilled vegetables and mozzarella cheese with a light pouring of herb emulation

Sweet and spicy seafood salad with roasted cashew nuts

Tomato and basil salad with mozzarella cheese, extra virgin oil and a balsamic drizzle