A full meal is sometimes compared to life itself, in that beginning with the starters has parallels with childhood. Through growth and on towards middle-age we make the comparison with a meal’s Main course, eventually ending with desserts and coffee which hints to the time when it is time to get up from the table.

With a sumptuous array of Mains to choose from, The Pavilions Restaurant will indulge and surprise the most refined of palates with favourite dishes created with natural flair and a quirky twist.


Coriander and green chilli marinated baked reef-fish with saffron and cumin rice served with a spicy curry gravy

Chardonnay flavoured creamy seafood thermidor with garlic and spinach rice, with buttered greens and lemon cream sauce

Peppered seer-and-sundried-tomato marinated jumbo prawns with parsley and garlic rice, buttered vegetables and lemongrass cream sauce

Caramelized mango and balsamic glazed breast of duck on savoury risotto rice, buttered vegetables and a peppered poultry jus

Oven baked creamy chicken and mushroom parcel with curry leaf and green chilli cream sauce

Thai-style grilled breast of chicken on green curry, tossed long beans served with lemongrass infused saffron and garlic rice

Tandoori marinated grilled chicken breast accompanied by Indian-style fragrant rice and spicy curry gravy

Grilled pork chop with orange-mashed potato and seasonal vegetables. Pineapple and Calvados jus.

Herb-marinated grainfed beef tenderloin with onion mashed potato and glazed vegetables with a peppered beef essence

Peppered Australian beef tenderloin with spring onion mashed potato, baby vegetables and reduced beef essence

Chinese style black bean glazed beef with mixed mushrooms and steamed long grain rice

Garlic and rosemary rack of New Zealand lamb with potato and corn gallet

Creamy saffron risotto with mushroom and spinach