Ancient Egyptian medical ideas state that sweet food could aid digestion and was the reason why dates, fruit and honey would be produced at the end of a meal. In modern times it is believed that the word ‘dessert’ comes from the French term ‘desservir’ meaning to clear away the table, therefore making way for the last course. Looked at another way, Desserts spelt backward creates the word ‘stressed’!

Let The Pavilions Restaurant de-stress you with its devilish delights to fulfill your darkest desires.


Passionfruit cheesecake with citrus berry compote

Pistacchio and coconut ice-cream roll with chocolate and vanilla sauce

Bee-honey and cinnamon poached ambarella with vanilla and pomegranate sauce

Rye bread and date pudding with vanilla sauce and mixed fruit compote

Banana, maple and lime crepes with vanilla ice-cream

Oven-roasted rice tossed with kithul treacle and cognac sauce served with vanilla ice-cream

Mango yoghurt cheesecake with raspberry coulis and Cointreau orange sauce

Pear carpaccio with vanilla mousse and pomegranate salsa

Miniature muffin filled with poached pineapple mousse

Cinnamon-infused apple with Champagne sabayon and tea-poached fruit compote

Tiramisu with fresh berry coulis and warm cinnamon-apple chutney

Double Swiss chocolate mousse served with forest berry compote

Seasonally tropical fresh fruit platter