Soups are as old as the history of cooking itself and the first reference to this source of nutrition dates to around 6000BC. The word ‘soup’ comes from the French language but also has Germanic origins in that ‘sop’ was the term used to describe a piece of bread used to soak up a soup or thick stew.

Accompanied by its selection of freshly baked bread, The Pavilions Restaurant offers a nutritious variety of soups to please every palate.


Fennel flavoured seafood chowder with green vegetables

Potato and leek soup with crispy rosemary

Cream of pumpkin and spinach soup with roasted cumin seeds

Spicy lemongrass soup with coriander leaves

Mediterranean vegetable broth with onion pesto

Wild mushroom cappuccino with shitake straw

Thai-style hot and sour soup

Cold pear soup with blue cheese and celery croutons